Power of Population Data Science Webinar: Are you a Population Data Scientist?

Kim McGrail, University of BC

Kerina Jones, Swansea University

Thursday, Sept 27, 2018

This seminar will introduce and invite you to join the emerging field of population data science.

Information is increasingly digital, creating opportunities to respond to pressing issues about human populations in near real time using linked datasets that are large, complex, and diverse. The potential social and individual benefits that can come from data-intensive science are large, but raise challenges of balancing individual privacy and the public good, building appropriate socio-technical systems to support data-intensive science, and determining whether defining a new field of inquiry might help move those collective interests and activities forward. A combination of expert engagement, literature review, and iterative conversations led to our conclusion that defining the field of Population Data Science (challenge 3) will help address the other two challenges as well.

Kim McGrail is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia School of Population and Public Health and the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, Scientific Director of Population Data BC, and Data Director for the BC Academic Health Sciences Network. Kerina Jones is an Associate Professor of Health Informatics at Swansea University.

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