Morris Barer


Faculty, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
Professor, UBC School of Population and Public Health
(604) 822-5992


Morris L. Barer is a Professor in the Health Services and Policy Division within the School of Population and Public Health. He was the inaugural Scientific Director of the Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (one of the thirteen Canadian Institutes of Health Research). He was the founding Director of the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, serving from inception in 1990 to 2001, and again from 2007 through 2012. Dr. Barer has served on the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee on Health Services, as senior editor for Health Economics with the journal Social Science and Medicine, as a member and Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (and its predecessor the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation [CHSRF]). Dr. Barer delivered the Justice Emmett Hall Memorial Foundation lecture in 2004, and was the recipient of the Health Services Research Advancement Award (from CHSRF) in 2006. He is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.


PhD, Economics, University of British Columbia
MBA, University of British Columbia
BSc, Mathematics, University of British Columbia

Research Interests

  • Physician resource policy; patterns of use of physician services; implications of changes in methods of physician remuneration
  • Health human resources – scopes of practice, recruitment/retention
  • Access to care, wait lists and wait times
  • The effects of an aging population
  • Health care financing
  • Pharmaceutical policy (drug promotion and regulation)
  • Use of health care services, particularly by seniors
  • Health care “zombies” (seemingly obvious truths about health care that have no evidentiary basis, but persist anyway)

Current Projects

  • Exit Strategies – The Timing and Impacts of Physician Retirement

Affiliations and Awards

  • Founding Director, UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
  • Inaugural Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research
  • Former Member, Federal-Provincial-Territorial Advisory Committee on Health Services
  • Former Senior Editor, Health Economics with Social Science and Medicine
  • Fellow, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
  • Health Services Research Advancement Award, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (2006)
  • Emmett Hall Memorial Lecturer, The Justice Emmett M. Hall Memorial Foundation, Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research (2004)

Currently Recruiting Graduate (Masters only) Students Interested in

  • Physician resource policy
  • Health care financing
  • Health human resources research
  • Analysis of changes in patterns of hospital, home care, or physician services utilization
  • The discordance between commonly known ‘truths’ about health care, and research evidence

Note: Not currently accepting new PhD students for supervision (though will serve on committees). Will supervise Masters students who are contemplating theses in areas of common interest.

Recent Publications

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