Taking the Pulse of Primary Health Care Reform

CHSPR’s 29th annual health policy conference, March 9-10, 2017, at the Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront, will explore the promise, potential, and (real) progress on primary health care reform in BC and Canada.

Over the last decade primary health care (PHC) reform has received sustained attention from professionals, governments and researchers. Collaboration between governments, local health jurisdictions and physicians, in particular, has increased; but structures have been put in place for policy-makers to work collaboratively with physicians on funding and programs in some provinces but not others.

Importantly, the environment of reform and the proponents of changes are not uniform. Various provinces have approached PHC reform using different strategies, and model-driven, principle-based, quality-centered and incentive-oriented incremental changes have all played a role. There has been little publicly available information on the impact of these reforms, or the spread of successful innovations across the country.

Creative new ways of delivering and organizing health care are only the beginning. They must be scaled-up so they have application across the country, rather than being limited to regions or institutions as exists today. Innovations and scalability require funding; the Naylor Report proposes a major federally financed fund and a central agency to attain three main aspirational goals:

  1. Improving performance of the healthcare system
  2. Enhancing quality and value to Canadians
  3. Breaking down barriers to innovation.

This two day conference creates a space for dialogue on important questions about the future organization and delivery of primary health care in Canada. We will examine important building blocks of high performing primary health care and look to the future of primary health care. Ample opportunity will be provided for clinicians, researchers, patients, and policymakers to interact, share, and strategize.

Please note that up to 11 Mainpro+ credits can be earned by physician attendees.

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