Value in Canadian Healthcare: Evolution or Revolution?

The Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR) held its 31st annual health policy conference, March 7 and 8, 2019, at the Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront. This long-standing conference promotes discussion between policy-makers, academics, providers, patients and national organizations on timely issues shaping health systems in Canada.

The focus of the 2019 conference was improving the value of healthcare in Canada. Critical aspects of the conference aimed to describe opportunities for increasing value, discuss structures that support value measurement, and debate policy options for government and stakeholders.

Over two days, distinguished speakers shared their latest thinking and experiences on increasing value in healthcare, drawing from emerging research and developing health system reforms. The program also featured panels discussing the challenges to reform, such as needed measures and data, different accountabilities, implications to the delivery system, ethical concerns, payment policy, and gaps in leadership.

Finally, the conference facilitated conversations between stakeholders on how provinces can adopt the principles and actions that define increasing value from public and private spending on healthcare. Following the conference, collaborations will help develop action plans for moving the value-based agenda into practice across Canada. We expect that conference delegates will bring ideas back to their organizations and facilitate transformation towards increased value in Canadian healthcare.

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