Deliberation Questions

Deliberation Questions

Below are the questions for the facilitated online deliberations and the self-facilitated Community Conversations. There are three questions but you are welcome to deliberate on one, two or all three questions—depending on time and interest.

Each deliberation question has three or more options. Click on each question below to see the full question and options.

Apps can be used to help with pandemic management. They can track self-reported symptoms, they can allow self-reporting of information and they can provide real-time alerts. They can also be used to track and store information on location (for example where you have been with your phone over the last week) and information on other phones you were near for more than a few minutes. This means that combining data from many app users could help show travel patterns, crowd formation, and general movement of people.If the government decides to endorse apps for pandemic management, is it also okay to use the data generated to assess or study group behaviour?

  1. Only to help the health professionals who are tracing people who have been infected by COVID-19.
  2. For contact tracing and to identify new potential clusters of cases.
  3. All of that plus to assess public movement and congregation (crowds, etc.).

Apps can be used to record your location and other phones your phone is near for more than a few minutes. The data that are generated can be stored on your phone, they can be automatically transferred and stored in a central database, or you can have the choice of whether the data are transferred to a centralized database.

If apps are used to support pandemic management, how should the data be managed?

  1. Data should remain on phones and fully private. Data should be shared only when the phone’s owner chooses to do so.
  2. Data should be stored in a central database, but only accessed for contact tracing (if the phone’s owner is diagnosed or has been in close contact with a diagnosed person).
  3. Data should be stored in a central database and should be available for use by health professionals for pandemic management and related approved health research.

Apps can be developed by private companies or by non-profit groups, governments or universities, or a combination of those groups. There are many apps already in use for contact tracing, and some are being adopted in multiple jurisdictions. Analysis of the data from the apps can be done by government and health system people, or by a company on a contract.

If apps are used to support pandemic management, who should be responsible for their implementation and management?

  1. A private company which has full access to, and ownership of all aspects of the app, including the data generated.
  2. A private company, but the app functions and data are managed and controlled by government.
  3. A non-profit group that owns and controls the app functions and data (i.e., the data are not held by the government or a private company)