How Do I Use Zoom?

How Do I Use Zoom?

To join or host a virtual Community Conversation with family, friends or neighbours, you can use Zoom, a free, secure and user-friendly video conferencing platform. You do not need a Zoom account to participate in a Community Conversation if you are invited to one! But you will need a few things to get started.

  • Computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with speakers, microphone, and camera
  • An Internet connection
  • Earbuds or headset (recommended)
  • An interest in COVID-19 public policy and pandemic response!

This is optional! You do not need a Zoom account if you are invited to join a Community Conversation. Your Host will email you an invitation to participate with a link and the date and time of the Zoom meeting. Simply click that link at the appointed time and you will be added to the Zoom meeting.

You can sign up for Zoom if you decide you want to learn a bit more about it before your Community Conversation.

Watch this one minute video about how to join a Zoom meeting.

PRIVACY NOTE: Please be aware that Zoom stores your name and information regarding your use on their site on their servers, which are located outside of Canada. If you would feel more comfortable, please use a nickname when signing onto a Zoom meeting.

Complete this checklist:

  • If you have a headset or earbuds, ensure they are plugged in to your device. This will enable a better overall experience.
  • Ensure your device is fully charged or plugged in.
  • Set up in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted; let any housemates know that you will be in a meeting for 90 minutes.
  • Consider background – what parts of your house are viewable? Find a neutral background if possible; make sure you have ample lighting in the room so your face is not dark – an overhead light plus a desk lamp works well.
  • Position camera at eye level; make as much eye contact when speaking as possible.
  • Test your audio and video when prompted by Zoom.
  • Make sure you have read all of the background materials so you can participate thoughtfully and meaningfully.

  • A few minutes before your Community Conversation is scheduled to begin, click the Zoom meeting link (your Host emailed this to you).
  • Mute your audio (bottom left of your screen) when you are not speaking. There will be too much noise and feedback if participants do not keep themselves muted.
  • Remember to unmute yourself when you want to speak!
  • To see all participants on screen, click Gallery View (top right).
  • Put up your hand so the Host can see that you want to speak. Remember to speak one at a time or you won’t be able to hear each other!
  • Listen carefully to all perspectives and keep an open mind. When speaking about your views, give your reasons for them. Consider what the way forward will look like, given differences in the group?
  • Identify and think about what trade-offs are involved:
    • What is socially acceptable?
    • What can we all live with?
    • How can we live together?
  • Be mindful of time - you only have 90 minutes together so be succinct with your comments. Only make your point once so everyone has the opportunity to share their thoughts!