Analytic Services

Analytic Services by CHSPR provides high quality data management, data preparation, and statistical analyses to researchers

We understand that researchers and research teams may not have the time or background needed to use and analyze complex administrative, electronic medical record (EMR), or linked survey and administrative data sets to answer research questions. We have extensive experience managing and manipulating large administrative and EMR data sets, completing complex analyses, and providing interpretable findings.

Our Clients

  • University, college or hospital-affiliated researchers or students
  • Not-for-profit health care organizations
  • British Columbia health authorities
  • Independent health researchers

Services Available

  • Consultation on data needs and data analysis plan
  • Preparation of data for analysis
  • High quality and complex data analysis

Data Sets

It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain all data needed for the planned analyses. In BC, Population Data BC facilitates research requests for linked administrative data from the BC Ministry of Health and other public bodies. We have extensive experience working with Population Data BC, including undertaking complex analyses on their Secure Research Environment. Data sets with which our analysts are familiar include, but are not limited to:

Health care and health services data

  • Medical Services Plan (MSP) payment information*
  • PharmaCare / PharmaNet*
  • Discharge Abstract Database (hospital separations)*
  • Home and community care*
  • Mental health*
  • National ambulatory care reporting system (NACRS)*
  • BC Cancer Agency*
  • BC Generations Project data*
  • Electronic medical record data from the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network

Population and demographic data

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) permanent residents*
  • Consolidation file (MSP registration and premium billing)*
  • Vital statistics: Births / stillbirths / marriages / deaths*
  • Income band data / neighbourhood SES data*

Patient experience and outcome data

  • Patient reported experience measures
  • Patient reported outcome measures

*Available from Population Data BC

Our analysts are also familiar with the creation and derivation of variables such as health status (Johns Hopkins ACG System) and rurality.

Costs of Services

Costs vary depending on the type of data-related assistance needed. Please contact us for further discussion and a quote.

More Information or Request Services

For more information, please complete our General Inquiries form. To request services, please complete our Request Services form. We will be in contact with you shortly regarding your project.