CHSPR is an independent research centre based in the School of Population and Public Health of the University of British Columbia. Our mission is to stimulate scientific enquiry into health system performance, equity, and sustainability.

Advancing Population Health and Health Services

As leaders of independent, policy relevant research and graduate training, we are dedicated to fostering visionary research within a collaborative and innovative research environment. Our work engages and informs health policy and issues that matter to Canadians.


We build knowledge that improves health services in Canada. Our work stimulates scientific enquiry into population health and into ways in which health services can best be organized, funded and delivered. Our researchers and staff carry out a diverse program of research and development, delivering the tools and analyses needed to renew health care and improve the health of Canadians.

Graduate Training

We train health policy leaders of tomorrow in a collaborative research environment. Our training programs are uniquely multidisciplinary with a focus on creative development and use of evidence to inform decision making. We prepare our graduates for the complex and rapidly changing health care environment.

Knowledge Translation

We are committed to translating research into action. We conduct research that is relevant to today’s health policy concerns and work with decision makers to support informed decisions that improve health care in British Columbia, Canada, and abroad.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs inform all aspects of our work. We believe in:

  • An equitable, affordable, and effective health care system for all Canadians
  • Independent, interdisciplinary, and collaborative research that engages and informs
  • Cooperation, respect, and integrity
  • Excellence and innovation in the work we do
  • Support for learning and mentorship
  • Conversation and debate on knowledge produced and found