Working Together While Staying Apart: Care Integration in a Brave New World

Virtual Conference | March 8, 2021: 9am-1pm PST | March 9, 2021: 12-4pm PST | Free

The Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR) held its 33rd annual health policy conference virtually on March 8 and 9, 2021. This long-standing conference promotes discussion between policy-makers, academics, providers, patients and national organizations on timely issues shaping health systems in Canada.

Integrated care systems are shifting the way that health and social care are organized, delivered and paid for. Challenges of medical and social complexity, and a growing percentage of Canadians living in ill health, are creating a population increasingly inadequately served by organizations and providers operating autonomously. The effects of SARS-CoV-2 have brought these problems into stark relief, in particular by exposing the problems that fragmented health and social care systems face in adapting to crises that require urgent and/or collaborative responses. These problems have had particularly pernicious effects on the most acutely affected among us – ethnic minorities, Indigenous populations, seniors living in residential care facilities, those living in rural and remote communities, those living in poverty, and people with the most complex health care issues. Those most in need would see the greatest benefit from a coordinated health and social care capacity and capability.

The 2021 CHSPR Conference brought together research and policy experts, students, patients, and care practitioners from across the health care and social systems, to examine barriers, experiences and evidence from elsewhere, and options and priorities for moving us to a more efficient and effective integrated care system. Key topics included physical and virtual models for integrating care, workforce skill and training requirements, regulatory barriers and solutions, and funding and financing models that are able to align system goals with personal and organizational incentives.

A detailed conference summary is available for download.