Health Policy Conference

Value Judgements: Focusing on Patients’ Health and Health Care Outcomes

March 9-10, 2023 | Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront | Vancouver

The movement to increase value from health care is gaining momentum and related initiatives are flourishing. For many, value from health care means measuring patients’ health relative to the costs incurred to achieve their outcomes. However, this concept over-simplifies the complex processes of generating or maintaining health. Focusing on patients’ health and health care outcomes means improving access and quality of care, appropriately targeting interventions, and understanding the effects of health inequities, social determinants of health, and systems of health care delivery. Over 1.5 days, the 2023 CHSPR Health Policy Conference explored these different lenses of measuring value.

CHSPR’s long-standing conference promotes discussion between policy-makers, academics, providers, patients and national organizations on timely issues shaping health systems in Canada. The 2023 conference brought together research and policy experts, students, patients, and care practitioners from across the health care system.