Health Policy Conference

Medicare at a Crossroads: Myths and Realities 50 Years In

March 31 & April 1, 2022
Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, University of BC, Vancouver, and virtual

It’s the 50th anniversary of medicare in 2022 and a good time to look back and plan for the future. Looking back is imperative, as we remind ourselves about the roots of medicare, the values and design principles that underpinned the establishment of medicare, and the heroic people who really made a difference in getting those foundations in place. It is equally – in fact more – important to plan for the future, as we recognize the challenges that existed prior to the pandemic, and the new ones that have emerged since. We need to confirm the values and objectives that guide us. Aligning with those, we need to determine what should stay the same and what we need to do differently over the next 50 years.

CHSPR’s long-standing conference promotes discussion between policy-makers, academics, providers, patients and national organizations on timely issues shaping health systems in Canada. The 2022 conference brought together research and policy experts, students, patients, and care practitioners from across the health care system. Our speakers appeared virtually, but the conference supported both in-person and virtual attendance for participants.