2012 | Will Paying the Piper Change the Tune?

Promise and Pitfalls of Health Care Funding Reform

24th Annual Health Policy Conference | February 28-29, 2012

Spending on health care continues to grow at rates considerably faster than inflation. Many provinces are now asking hard questions about value for money, and in particular, the quality of health care they are receiving for this increased spending. Amongst other effects, this has resulted in increasing attention from provincial governments to so-called “funding arrangements” – the processes through which provincial health ministries (and increasingly regional health authorities) purchase or pay for services for their ‘constituents’. An entire new lexicon is emerging along with this scrutiny – activity-based-funding, pay-for-performance, and so on. But the labels are often simply new names for old practices or, worse, can be misleading descriptions and appear, at times, to be put into practice on a wing and a prayer.

Is there really anything innovative in all of this? What is the evidence base supporting the ‘new’ approaches? And how is the public to understand the confusing array of fact and fiction regarding health system funding, particularly in the ramp-up to the expiry of the federal/provincial/territory health accord in 2014? These are some of the questions that CHSPR’s 2012 health policy conference will tackle. It will bring together leading experts to share lessons learned from around the world. This day-and-one-half program will be organized to help participants understanding the roles funding policies play in creating incentives for high-performing health care systems. Drawing from international experiences, speakers will examine the complex roles funding policies play in creating efficient, effective and safe health care systems and discuss the role, and emerging evidence, of innovations in funding policies in Canada and beyond.


February 28
9:00am | Welcome and Opening Remarks

Elaine McKnight, BC Associate Deputy Minister of Health

9:20am | Opening Plenary

Reinhard Busse, Berlin Technical University [Slides]

10:45am | Incentives and Behaviours in Health System Funding

Anne‐Marie Broemeling, Alberta Health Services
Stephen Peckham, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine [Slides]
Les Vertesi, BC Health Services Purchasing Organization and Simon Fraser University [Slides]

12:15pm | Lunch Presentation

Dr. Doug Eby and Ileen Sylvester, Alaskan Southcentral Health System [Slides]

1:30pm | Innovations in Health Funding Models

Richard Glazier, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Brian Golden, The University of Toronto & The University Health Network [Slides]
Matt Sutton, University of Manchester

3:30pm | Funding Arrangements and Quality Improvement: Is There a Connection?

Maureen Bisognano, Institute for Healthcare Improvement [Slides]

February 29
8:30am | Paying for Quality and Outcomes – Three stories about how we can do better

John Appleby, King’s Fund [Slides]
Terry Sullivan, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
John Wasson, Dartmouth Medical School [Slides]

10:30am | Realistic Options for Canada

Adalsteinn Brown, University of Toronto
Duncan Campbell, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority [Slides]
Dan Florizone, Deputy Minister of Health, Saskatchewan

12:00pm | Closing Plenary

Steven Lewis, Health Care Consultant, Saskatoon