2010 | Lost in Knowledge Translation

Innovations in Health Human Resources Policy

22nd Annual Health Policy Conference | March 30-31, 2010

CHSPR’s 2010 conference brought together an international line-up of speakers that shared their expertise and insights from across the full HHR policy spectrum including training, communications, organization, financing, regulation and policy.

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March 30
8:30am | Welcome and introductory remarks

John Dyble, Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Health Services

8:45am | Opening Plenary

Elliott Fisher, Dartmouth Medical School [Slides]

9:45am | Session I: Confronting the Dinosaurs

Alan Maynard, University of York, England [Slides]
Michael Rachlis, Health Policy Consultant, Toronto [Slides]

11:00am | Session II: Critical HHR-related Success Factors

Cathy Ulrich, Northern Health, BC [Slides]
Brian Postl, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority [Slides]
David Levine, Agence de la Santé et des Services Sociaux de Montréal [Slides]

12:00pm | Lunch Presentation

Stephen Duckett, Alberta Health Services [Slides]

1:45pm | Session III: Critical HHR-related Success Factors II

Jack Kitts, Ottawa Hospital [Slides]
Robert Reid, Group Health Research Institute, Seattle
Lauren Donnelly, Saskatchewan Health [Slides]

3:30pm | Session IV: Innovative Models of Service Delivery I

Patrick McGowan, University of Victoria [Slides]
Linda McGillis Hall, University of Toronto [Slides]
Lynn Stevenson, Vancouver Island Health Authority [Slides]

March 31
8:00am | Session V: Innovative Models of Service Delivery II

Ivy Bourgeault, University of Ottawa [Slides]
Katherine Fraser, Nova Scotia Department of Health [Slides]
Cindy Cruickshank, Nova Scotia Model of Care Initiative [Slides]
Laurie Poole, Ontario Telemedicine Network [Slides]

10:20 am | Session VI: The Role of the Health Professional Training Establishment

Robert Evans, University of BC
John Gilbert, University of BC
Marlene Raasok, Conestoga College, Ontario [Slides]

12:00 pm | Lunch Presentation

Steven Lewis, Health Care Consultant, Saskatoon