Virtual posters will be presented during two poster sessions on Monday March 8 from 12-1 pm and Tuesday March 9 from 12-1pm. Presenters will share their posters in breakout rooms in a Zoom meeting, and conference attendees will be able to move between breakout rooms to view posters and interact with presenters. We will also put posters on this website for conference participants to view at a time convenient for them.

How should I design my virtual poster?

The traditional academic poster design should be modified for on-screen viewing. We suggest that your poster should be landscape orientation and that the order in which you recommend readers go through your poster should be very clear when the reader is fully zoomed out. You may want to simplify the version you present live in you poster session, to make sure that it is readable on small screens.

Using Zoom breakout rooms

Ensure you are using zoom on a desktop or laptop, not a phone, so that you can move between zoom breakout rooms easily. Self-select breakout rooms will only function in the newest versions of Zoom:
Desktop client or mobile app: version 5.3.0 or higher.
ChromeOS: version 5.0.0 (4241.1207) or higher