CHSPR Seminar | Contemporary developments in Australian health policy

Stephen Duckett
Sept 19, 2024, 12-1 pm PT


CHSPR Seminar | Trends in the Complexity of Hospitalized Patients in British Columbia

Hiten Naik and John Staples
Jun 17, 2024, 12-1 pm PT

CHSPR Seminar | Better data. Better decisions. Healthier Canadians.

Brent Diverty, Canadian Institute for Health Information
Apr 10, 2024, 12-1 pm PT

CHSPR/CAE Seminar | Informing ethical lung cancer screening policies through inquiries of key informant perspectives and public values

Manisha Pahwa, McGill University
Mar 19, 2024, 12-1 pm PT

PharmaWhere? Exploring the Future of Drug Coverage in Canada

2024 CHSPR Health Policy Conference
March 5, 2024
Vancouver or Virtual

CHSPR Seminar | Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Uses in Health Care Services

Sian Tsuei, UBC
Feb 13, 2024, 12-1 pm PT

CHSPR/CAE Seminar | Finding Meaning in the Margins

Jeffrey Morgan, UBC
Jan 23, 2024, 12-1 pm PT