Knowledge Translation

Translating Research into Action

As a research centre of excellence, CHSPR works with our partners to develop research and create new knowledge that advances health and health care in Canada. We are committed to creating knowledge that is relevant to emerging and enduring health services and policy issues, and engaging stakeholders in the translation of research for effective and innovative changes in health policy. By critically assessing and synthesizing research findings, we make meaning, identify best practices, and provide authoritative and relevant perspective for decision makers.

A Trusted and Independent Resource

As an independent university research centre with over 25 years of expertise in health services and policy research, we are dedicated to remaining a trusted and impartial resource for policy makers, media and the public. Our faculty provide expertise necessary to understand the complicated health issues that matter to Canadians.

Teaching Practical Knowledge Translation Skills

As a continuing mission, CHSPR provides unique opportunities for students to work with policy and decision makers in developing, interpreting, and applying research. We train students in key areas of knowledge translation and exchange.

Developing Knowledge Translation Products

We actively produce and evaluate our communication and knowledge translation activities and tools to reflect the needs of our stakeholders and sponsors. Our knowledge translation activities and materials include:

  • Host to the CHSPR Annual Health Policy Conference – one of the largest health policy conferences in Canada, featuring leading international thinkers in the field
  • Interaction with research partners, policy makers, and stakeholder communities
  • Presentation of regular research seminars open to researchers and others
  • Production of research highlights and summaries
  • Consultation with media outlets on key issues and dissemination of press releases