Contested GroundRobert G. Evans Legacy Fund

About Us

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Advancing Population Health and Health Services

As leaders of independent, policy relevant research and graduate training, we are dedicated to fostering visionary research within a collaborative and innovative research environment. Our work engages and informs health policy and issues that matter to Canadians.


Recent Publications

K. Smolina, D. Weymann, S. Morgan, C. Ross, B. Carleton
E. Suter, R. Misfeldt, S. Mallinson, A. Wilhelm, O. Boakye, G. Marchildon, D. Kendel, L. Nasmith, S...
M. Laberge, J. Pang, K. Walker, S.T. Wong, W. Hogg, W.P. Wodchis
E. Wener, R. McKendry, S. Lewis, L. Wu, S.T. Wong


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