CHSPR Webinar | Deconstructing oppression in women’s health care

Building capacity for trauma and violence-informed primary care

Dr. Vanessa Brcic

Tuesday, June 29, 2021
12-1 pm PDT

View the recording of this seminar here. Passcode: 67Aku%&E

This presentation will describe findings from a qualitative study exploring how diverse trauma and violence-informed practices across a range of women’s health care services can inform the implementation of trauma and violence-informed primary care. This project was conducted collaboratively by three women with dual experiences as trauma survivors and providers of trauma and violence-informed care.

In this presentation we will:

  1. Briefly review the collaborative study methods and important theoretical frameworks informing the project;
  2. Discuss key learnings about how oppressive systems create/perpetuate a lack of safety and impact health care experiences; and
  3. Explore how to dismantle systemic oppression through resistance and connection.

Vanessa Brcic is a Family Physician, Registered Therapeutic Counselor, community researcher and advocate, and co-founder/vice-chair of Basics for Health Society.

This seminar will be conducted via Zoom. Please contact Joyce ( for the link.