CHSPR Seminar | Introducing Indigenist Critical Policy Analysis

Natalie Bryant, Australian National University
Sept 26, 2023, 12-1 pm PT

PharmaWhere? Exploring the Future of Drug Coverage in Canada

2024 CHSPR Health Policy Conference
March 5, 2024
Vancouver or Virtual


Nursing Rounds | Primary Health Care for All: What Nursing Contributes Matters

Sabrina Wong
April 24, 2018
School of Nursing

Seminar | Ethical and social implications of Learning Health Systems from data to knowledge and from knowledge to practice

Jodyn Platt, University of Michigan
April 9, 2018
School of Population and Public Health

SPPH Grand Rounds | Million Dollar Med$: Exploring Canadians’ access to life-saving medicines

Michael Law
March 23, 2018
Michael Smith Laboratories

CHPSR Seminar | The role of business risk in the sustainability of General Practice partnerships

Verity Watson, University of Aberdeen
March 22, 2018
UBC School of Population and Public Health

C2E2 Rounds | Identification of Frailty: Using Administrative and Electronic Medical Record Data

Sabrina Wong
January 8, 2018
VGH Research Pavilion

CHSPR Seminar | Investigating Adverse Drug Events to Improve Patient Safety and Identify Strategies for Health System Improvement

Maeve Wickham
December 14, 2017
UBC School of Population and Public Health